Medium Duty - Non I-Beam Axle

Medium Duty Truck / Van


Chevrolet/GMC/Dodge Ram/Ford

  • 450/550 - 4500/5500 $110.00

  • SAS Reset upon completion of alignment, if equipped

  • Before & After Printout Provided On All Alignments

Additional Parts or Labor - as needed

  • Camber/Caster Bushing $55.00 each installed

  • R & R Vehicle Bolt/Nut On Hub Caps $10.00 each

Service Call

  • Local $15.00

  • 30 to 45 Minutes $30.00

  • Over 45 Minutes, Hourly $95.00 to and from your location

If vehicle cannot be aligned due to bad parts or vehicle is not ready

  • 1.0 Hour $95.00 plus any service call charges

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Hunter HD Win Align
We use Hunter Laser
Wheel Alignment Equipment.
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