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MorRyde Trailer
MoRyde IS Suspension.jpg

MORryde IS / Semi Trailer
Wheel Alignment Cost

RV MORryde IS Suspension

$110.00 Per Wheel End (Not Per Axle)

Includes - Toe, Camber, Thrust & Skew adjustment.

Camber shims Included (If Needed)

Semi Trailer

1 Axle Wheel Alignment

Shop - $195.00

Mobile - $220.00 + Service Call

2 Axle Wheel Alignment

Shop - $220.00

Mobile - $260.00 + Service Call

Auxiliary Lift Axle Wheel Alignment

$55.00 Ea. Auxiliary Axle Done With Trailer Alignment

Hendrickson Cam Wheel Alignment

Grinding welds on cams to allow for adjustment is billed at shop hourly rate.

Parts Are Not Included In Wheel Alignment Cost

Alignment Parts Are Additional (if needed)

Hourly Labor Rate - $125.00

Any adjustment point that takes longer than normal to adjust due to rust or damage preventing the normal continuation of the wheel alignment, incurs a repair cost, in addition to the wheel alignment cost.

Shop Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday 5am - 2pm
Sunday Closed

(602) 568-3923
Thank You For Your Business
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