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Master Mobile Alignment Inc.
Family Owned and Operated Since 1997

Master Mobile Alignment Inc. provides a mobile truck wheel alignment service throughout the state for many of Arizona's largest fleets.

We can help with issues that include; poor tire wear, fuel mileage,
drivabillity and handling issues.

With over 35 years experience working with heavy equipment, I believe Master Mobile Alignment Inc. provides the best mobile wheel alignment and drivability issue oriented mobile service in Arizona.

Master Mobile Alignment Inc. has unique work hours for a wheel alignment company, we work nights, this allows us to go to our customers yard and align equipment when it's not in use, eliminating the need of having to down equipment during business hours. Equipment never leaves your yard, and is ready for the days business when employee's arrive.

Customers Industries:
  • Municipal
  • School
  • Federal
  • Fire
  • Utility
  • Farm/Agriculture
  • Refuse
  • Road / Highway Equipment
  • Over The Road
Equipment we work on:
  • Semi / Tractor
  • Trailer / MoRyde
  • Super's
  • Fire
  • Bus
  • Crane
  • R.V.
  • Medium Duty
  • Multiple Steer Axle
  • Walking Beam
Thank you for your business!
We use Hunter Laser
Wheel Alignment Equipment.
Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 10 PM - 10 AM
Saturday - 12 AM - 8 AM