Condor - Grove - Linkbelt - Striker - Tor

All Steerable Axles Adjusted

  • $295.00 each

All Non Steerable Axles adjusted

  • $195.00 each

Includes Adjusting:

  • Clocking Pitman/Idler Arms

  • Adjust Drag Link lengths

  • Set Toe on each adjustable axle

  • Thrust Angle on each adjustable axle

  • Frame Off-Set on each adjustable axle

  • Pinion Angle on each adjustable axle

  • Steering Assist Cylinder/Ram if adjustable

  • Steering stops on each adjustable steer axle

  • Ride Height on Air Suspensions

  • Center steering wheel if possible

We do not do any of the following on cranes:

  • Adjust steering box pressures

  • Cut Welds or Re-Weld

Additional Parts or Labor - as needed

  • Bronze Caster Wedge $55.00 each Installed

  • Walking Beam Axle Kit $95.00 each Installed

Boom / Pumper with Multiple Steer Axles

  • Same Pricing as Crane

Boom / Pumper with 1 Steer Axle

Additional Parts or Labor - as needed

  • Bronze Caster Wedge $55.00 each installed

  • Walking Beam Axle Kit $95.00 each installed

Service Call

  • $95.00

  • Over 1 Hour - Hourly $95.00 to and from your location

If vehicle cannot be aligned due to bad parts or vehicle is not ready

  • Service call plus all time needed for the inspection of equipment

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