Master Mobile Alignment Inc. is a family owned and operated business working with some of Arizona's largest fleets continuously for over 22 years.
I have over 35 years experience in heavy truck, alignment, steering and suspension.
Master Mobile Alignment Inc. travels throughout the state of Arizona for our customers.
While we are mobile, there are locations in Phoenix and Buckeye Arizona where alignments can be done for customers with no shop. - 24 Hour advance notice required.
Most of our alignments are done at night when our customers fleets are down for the night.
This allows for no vehicle down time, lost revenue or wasted employee time.
We can add additional work early in the morning to the end of our work day, or schedule work
for early Saturday mornings - 24 Hours advance notice required.
Our customers include companies from the following industries:
  • Municipal
  • School
  • Federal
  • Fire
  • Utility
  • Farm
  • Refuse
  • Road / Highway Equipment
  • Over The Road
Equipment Types:
  • Semi / Tractor
  • Trailer / MoRyde
  • Super's
  • Fire
  • Bus
  • Crane
  • R.V.
  • Medium Duty
  • Multi Steer Axle
  • Weight < 100,000 lbs.
Discounts are available for customers that have their fleet aligned annually or with each new
set of steer tires.
Thank you for your business!
Hunter HD Win Align
We use Hunter Laser
Wheel Alignment Equipment.

Master Mobile Alignment Incorporated

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